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Opel Corsa

Small but Big in the automotive world.

Minimum rental period – 5 days

4 Doors

Manual Transmission

75 HP

Year 2024

Fuel: Gasoline

Car Class: B


145 zł / Day

Possibility of negotiations / For longer leases

Opel Corsa - small but Big in the automotive world.

Opel Corsa – it’s a name that every car enthusiast has known for more than three decades. Since its debut in 1983, this model has become very popular.

The appearance of the Opel Corsa may not make a stunning impression at first glance, but after a gentle facelift it has gained a sporty and feisty character, attracting the eyes of many car enthusiasts.

The interior of this city car impresses with its careful craftsmanship and ergonomic layout. The bright and clear cockpit and easy-to-read clocks create a pleasant environment for the driver. In addition, a comfortable driver’s seat significantly improves travel comfort. However, poor visibility in the rearview mirrors is a drawback for this model.

Despite its small size, the Opel Corsa offers a spacious interior that feels roomier than you might think. The model is one of the most spacious in its class, and comfortable seats and adequate luggage space further add to its appeal.

However, the soft suspension can make cornering difficult, and the steering does not always respond perfectly. Nevertheless, the quality of travel remains at a satisfactory level, and the braking system deserves praise.

In terms of pricing, the Opel Corsa falls into the middle range, although standard equipment may not satisfy all customers, lacking items such as air conditioning or ESP.

Engine variants offer a wide range of choices for customers. There are both gasoline and diesel units to meet a variety of user needs.

For those interested in renting an Opel Corsa on a short-term basis, this is an excellent option for favorable terms and a quality vehicle at an affordable price. Medium-term rentals, on the other hand, may be suitable for those who need an economical car for a longer period of time, such as during a stay in Poland.

For long-term rentals, the Opel Corsa can be an attractive proposition for those looking for a reliable and economical car on a permanent basis. A simple contract and clear terms and conditions make budget planning easier and more predictable.

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