MAYS - new car rental in Cracow

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In the case of a lease for a period longer than one month - a long-term contract, please contact us at +48 604 143 300

Advantages of Long-Term Rental

The main advantages of the lease are:
1. Minimizing the costs of buying a vehicle through the purchasing power of the company.
2. Predictability of costs stretched over time (constant rent), simplified budgeting; leveling the unpredictability of short-term expenditure (eg purchase of annual insurance policies, tires, service at a high mileage, etc.).
3. Neutrality for creditworthiness (these are off-balance sheet commitments as opposed to leasing or credit).
4. Minimization of financing costs by unique know-how in negotiating a leasing / credit agreement (low margins, limited additional fees, etc.).
5. Optimization of repair costs. Services without control, try to expand the scope of necessary repairs or sell high-margin products (oils, liquids, filters) and services (checks and additional inspections).
6. Ensuring the neutrality of flows - no over-payment of capital and initial fees.
7. Comprehensive services, covering all areas of fleet management.
8. "One invoice" cost - significant limitation of work in accounting (posting, settling liabilities).
9. Unlimited access to replacement cars.
10. Eliminating the problems of financing of unsold and overdue cars in a warehouse / yard, when there is a need to finance a new fleet.
11. A cost-effective alternative to internal resources for logistics services (significant expansion of the transport department - the need to develop a service network for the fleet throughout the area where vehicles are used, the need to monitor the attractiveness of the vehicle suppliers' sales offer, etc.)

The minimum rental period is 1 month, however, most often we conclude contracts for a period of 3 to 6 months. The advantage of this form of lease is the fact that the tenant does not have a long-term contract (both leasing and long-term lease), which allows for more effective management of costs in the event of fluctuations in the market conditions. You do not need to invest a lot of money to buy cars.

An important advantage is also simplified formalities when considering the application and implementation of the contract. Medium-term rental is a guarantee of more attractive rental prices than in the case of short-term rental, making it possible to equate the rental price with long-term rental rates when using vehicles for at least half a year.